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About Us

Who Are We?

We are a group of people who believe that we can make things better in different and untested ways. We all have different characteristics, different experiences, different backgrounds. We started out as a small gang and we believe that we will form a big gang in the world and leave a positive impact on this planet together with this gang by offering the opportunity to be a part of this movement to every person we come into contact with along the way. We are building the Smile Movement in this structure.

Our Method

As the Smile Movement, we use Agile Project Management in accordance with the structure of non-governmental organizations, and we move forward with a method that cares more about the process than the result, by constantly developing. We notice the life flowing around us and the elements that make up this life. We consider the roles of each of these elements. In particular, we are making plans for the fulfillment of human roles in a manner befitting human dignity. Then we design how we can make these roles more realistic and develop them. We start our project and make mistakes in the process. We increase our experience with our mistakes and immediately design the new step in an agile way. In this way, we transfer our experiences to others and enable them to develop the next process faster and more confidently.

Our Story

In our process, one of the ideas swirling in a brain had caught the appropriate environment to sprout. You know, ideas are contagious, interesting and waiting for opportunities to be realized. In a not too distant moment, an idea in this brain was noticed by someone else, and this person began to design the appropriate environment for this idea to come to life, sprout, grow and develop. These two people with different experiences and different backgrounds nurtured this idea, and believed that this idea would grow very quickly and touch many fields and people. This belief led two people to take the road to three people and then to four people. It took less time for four to become five and for five to turn into eight. One person lived with that idea for 3 years, two people matured the conditions in 8 months, and three people found themselves in a system design in a short time like 2 months. The interesting thing is that our constantly evolving system was divided into 3 units when our number was five. When the numbers were eight and ten, the three teams had actually accomplished something bigger than they seemed: We learned that it was fun to work together, to make decisions together, and to learn by making mistakes together. This team of 10 people established the Smile Movement Association in a period of about 1 month, we started to hold classes and workshops with students in 2 youth centers, and we took our steps to spread the neighborhood culture and make us realize that differences are richness. Yes, we started our work as the Education Gang, the Foreign Activities Gang and the Administrative Affairs Gang, we set up our own teams, determined our internal dynamics ourselves, and set off. You know, once the arrow is fired from the bow, it continues without stopping until it reaches its target. We think big and dream of being a self-sustaining arrow to reach the next target when it hits the target.

Turning leadership that puts people in the center, values ​​ideas that seem tiny, prepares the conditions for their maturation, is agile, aims to leave long-term and lasting effects, attaches importance to making mistakes, learning together, constantly developing and improving together, making decisions together, We dreamed of a system that offers We continue to design and develop it as a team. Our process, which grows more and more, differentiates as it grows, and enriches with differences, has been our most valuable output.

We sincerely hope to experience the Smile Movement together with all of you who take a look here, hear us and wonder about us. Oh, by the way, sincerity is one of our sine qua non 😉


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