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Our Purpose to Support

The Methods That Make Us Who We Are


With the Agile Project Management model, we design our projects by acting quickly to meet the needs noticed.


Instead of making a one-time touch to the needs, we produce solutions that will leave a long-lasting impact.


In the process, we realize and transform our achievements, opportunities, what we need to improve ourselves and our team.

Life Long Learning

Everything is changing and we continue our learning adventure every moment in order to adapt to this change and to produce more effective projects.


Recognize the Need and Take Action

We cannot eliminate all the negativities in the world, but we can support a person to exist with dignity and turn into a good person with a smile on her face.

Our Mission

As the Tebessüm Movement, we are working to support people to continue their lives in a sustainable way in line with our possibilities and abilities, on a voluntary basis, and to help them achieve this goal.

Our Method

As the Smile Movement, we use Agile Project Management in accordance with the structure of non-governmental organizations, and we move forward with a method that cares more about the process than the result, by constantly developing.

Our Story

We are a movement that started when a gang of 10 people with different experiences and backgrounds shared the means at their disposal to support others. We like to smile 🙂

Our Gangs

What Jobs Do We Translate?


Administrative Affairs

External Activities

He teaches a variety of lessons to children of different ages, their families and volunteers; social events, excursions and workshops.
It provides children with the opportunity to develop in different sports and arts branches in line with their abilities.
It gives self-confidence and self-worth.
It enables them to participate more actively in social life.
Volunteers participating in the projects also learn and gain experience by experiencing new things to the extent of their time.

They carry out support activities that will enable the organization to run smoothly.
They follow up the minutes and documents that need to be kept.
They control the association's budget.
They supervise the use of the office and supply the materials.
Provides communication with associations or institutions to collaborate with.
It works for the recognition of the association.

Rather than providing temporary financial support to the families we have reached, we aim to establish a more sincere bond with them and enable them to be integrated into the society in line with their abilities. As we move towards this goal, we take care not to go beyond our principles and values.

Be Part Of The Movement

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Come Forward

Become a part of the Smiling Movement to expand our work in line with our purpose and principles, to increase the awareness of our movement, to bring your ideas to life, and to experience being in a system that constantly improves itself!

Give Us Your Idea

Share with us your ideas and suggestions to improve our working network, method and capacity, increase our agility and efficiency, expand our endurance and flexibility limits, and design new projects! Be present with your ideas in the Smiling Movement.

Send Gifts to Our Work

Send us the gifts we need so that we can create more effective and productive works in our smile-spreading efforts. Leave a mark in this movement!
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