Etkinlik Takvimimiz

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Namık Kemal, Köşk Sk. No:18/A, 34762 Ümraniye/İstanbul


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Our Mission

Why are we in this movement?

We are in this movement to support people to continue their lives in a sustainable way in line with our possibilities and abilities, on a voluntary basis, and to lead them to achieve this goal.

Our Principles and Values

  • While doing our activities; not to discriminate in any way based on language, religion, race or gender,
  • Working with a flexible, dynamic and participatory structure that puts people at the center and cares about the development of individuals,
  • To carry out activities by adhering to the principles of reliability, transparency and accountability at all levels of the organization in the projects and decisions taken,
  • Enabling volunteers to communicate directly with the party they are helping without intermediaries,
  • To deliver the donation in the shortest possible time, in the most efficient way, in line with the purpose of the donation,
  • Adopting volunteerism with a sense of self-responsibility,
  • Avoiding any kind of waste,
  • Avoiding divisive and damaging expressions,
  • To move our activities forward with an innovative approach by benefiting from expertise and different disciplines through experience transfer and consultation,
  • To make the activities of the association a permanent and independent structure within the framework of the basic values, principles and methods developed, without being tied to individuals and groups,
  • To make every person we come in contact with a part of this movement,
  • To expand our sphere of influence within the framework of these principles.

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